Cryptocurrency market is gaining renewed interest from investors after being weak over the past few months. While Bitcoin tightens the test at $46,500, ADA surpassed the $2 and XRP $1 resistances. During this period, Internet Computer (ICP), which can be considered new compared to other altcoin projects, has managed to be appreciated by 2 times and is trading 90% below its peak of 737.20 dollars. Could ICP be a good investment? What levels can it reach? Cryptocoin. com

As , we quote the predictions of crypto money expert Anugradh Grag…

What is Internet Computer (ICP)?

ICP is a cryptocurrency founded by Dominic Williams in 2016, backed by US-based angel investor Andreessen Horowitz, Aspect Ventures, and Polychain Capital. Besides Ethereum and Bitcoin, it aims to realize smart contract calculation and scalability of data at today’s internet speed. In this way, developers’ dependence on large and central companies such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon is reduced.

2025 price targets for ICP:

“digitalcoinprice” referenced for price prediction. com, ICP’s target for 2025 is $227, up 218%. This indicates that the price is potentially on the upside. Longforecast on the other hand. com pinpointed $300 for its ICP price forecast, up 320%. Both estimates are based on forward-looking calculations of monthly earnings that the ICP price has consistently recorded over a year. With these data, analyst Anugradh Grag underlines that ICP has a long way to go to reach its goals. It is trading at 90% below its ATH, although the overall consensus is on the upside. Meanwhile, next to the targeted $227 and $300 targets, ICP currently trading at $67 offers ideal opportunities for big gains.

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What potential does ICP have for higher fiadollarsar?

It hosts various projects such as Internet Computer, Fleek, DSCVR, Distrikt, Origyn and OpenChat. Therefore, he does not need to demonstrate his talent and create DApps. According to the data obtained, there are more Canister smart contracts in the protocol of the project than ever before. The number of these smart contracts has increased from 58 to 2,022 over the past few weeks, and the increasing adoption demonstrates the functionality of ICP and its value as a network. Additionally, it has great potential as it aims to increase the speed associated with Ethereum and reduce the number of dollars.

Which levels can be seen in Internet Computer?

As a Blockchain technology, the goal of Internet Computer is to solve the problems facing the current internet. Developers can easily launch a site or application on Internet Computer without having to go through a lengthy approval process. This functionality and accessibility supports ICP for the long term. Considering the benefits of the project, the price expectations of Anugradh Grag are the 400% and 500% levels, which will be easily achievable in a few years.

Finally, another question for ICP price; Whether it can reach its target of $1,000 by 2025. For this, the price needs to increase by approximately 1.300% from the current levels. While cryptocurrencies rarely realize gains of this magnitude, ICP currently lacks such a catalyst, according to the analyst.

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