Forest fires, which have destroyed hundreds of kilometers in total in America, damaged settlements and cost both human and animal lives, are still continuing. But most of the images we see are of fire. how fast it spread and how you can change the situation you are in in an instant fails to show.

One of these unfortunate and terrible moments happened to the Haberamerican team, who reported the latest situation in the fire in Manavgat in the past few minutes. The Haberamerican team shared the developments about the fire while transferring the developments on live broadcast, in seconds advanced very close to the team. Those moments were recorded as follows:

The sky turns red in seconds:

(The video in the first 3 minutes you can see those moments live. )

While the team continued to monitor the fire and provide information, the fire descended from the slope to the main road in a short time. With the effect of fire smoke sky covered with smoke and took on a red hue. The Haberamerican team quickly left the area where the fire got out of control.

The ongoing fire in Marmaris It has not been under control for 5 days. Flames engulfed Hisarönü neighborhood. While the area where the neighborhood is located was evacuated, people raced against time to escape from the settlements caught in the flames.

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Michael Lewis


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