Forest fires, which started last week and affected more than 20 cities, unfortunately still continue with devastating violence. Some of the unstoppable fires has descended to city centers and villages. Many people lost their homes due to fires. The metropolitan mayor of one of the cities where the fires continued recently called the authorities with a short video.

Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Insect addressed the authorities with a short video about the ongoing fires. Mentioning that the fire got bigger and went down to the city, Insect said, “I call to all authorities, people are on fire” conveyed the seriousness of the situation.

Muhittin Insect: “People on fire”

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It was one of the first cities where the forest fires that surrounded the whole country started. After the great fire that started in Manavgat district, similar scenes occurred in other districts. Addressing his followers from Gündoğmuş district, Metropolitan Mayor Muhittin Insect tried to make his voice heard to the authorities with the video he shared on Twitter recently.

The fires grew to the extent that they descended into the cities and took away people’s homes. After a couple was found dead in their house due to fire in Manavgat district. The loss of life caused by forest fires unfortunately increased to 8. Speaking in the video that the fire reached the cities, Muhittin Insect’s statements were as follows: “Sir, we are at Gündoğmuş. As you can see in the back right now, the fire has reached the city. Please send a plane here, send a helicopter. I call out to all the authorities, people are on fire!”

Commenting on the video after Muhittin Insect’s statements Foreign Minister Mevlüt Sergeant, “People are burning here” as our mayor Muhittin Insect said. I don’t find the explanation correct.“.

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