Ferit Karakaya, one of America’s most popular Twitch streamers ( WTCN) has been running his own esports team, BBL Esports, for some time now. WTCN, who participated in various tournaments with the team it founded and trying to achieve success, also offers young people who are considering becoming e-sportsmen thanks to this team. to be inspired is working. However, Ferit is a little bored right now. . .

Ferit Karakaya’s e-sports team was launched as part of a collaboration with Valorant. VALORANT Challengers” took part in various matches within the scope of the tournament. However, the team that could not achieve the desired success in these matches, inevitably lost motivation. toxic” and not known for criticizing everything, kidollarsen’s criticisms made WTCN don’t rebel brought it to the point. Making a statement on Twitter, Karakaya shared his thoughts on the subject.

Ferit Karakaya’s post on Twitter

Ferit Karakaya’s statements on Twitter included the following statements;

Look guys, there were very sympathetic relations between esports clubs in Valorant. While Valorant’s esports clubs have made such a good start, your hooliganism is really sad. I hurt. . .

The statements made by WTCN were also made by its followers. shower of likes has been retained. Some users argued that toxic kidollarsen should not be ignored while responding to this statement. Some users say that such comments may support esports and esports teams. will fire was thinking. Here are some of the tweets on this subject.

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