The FED, the US Federal Reserve, announced its highly anticipated interest rate decision. The Fed kept the interest rate constant in the range of 0 – 0.25. With this news, the markets went to the green board. Bitcoin price, altcoins and gold price rose on the news. Cryptocoin. com, we have compiled the details of the FED’s interest rate decision for you, let’s examine it together…

FED announced its highly anticipated interest rate decision! Here are the details

The US Federal Reserve, the Fed, finally announced its interest rate decision, which focused on all markets. The Fed kept the policy rate constant in the range of 0-0.25%. Market expectations were that the policy rate would be kept constant in this range. The Fed continued its monthly asset purchases at $120 billion. Judging by the decision text of the FED, there are also statements about asset purchases.

However, it was also emphasized in the report that , is moving towards targets to reduce asset purchases. The noteworthy part in the text of the resolution is that if the growth in foreign currency continues, a slowdown in the rate of asset purchases may come to the fore. According to experts, a decision to reduce asset purchases could come in November. The text contains the following important statements on the subject:

If progress towards employment and inflation targets continues as expected, it may soon be necessary to decide on a slowdown in the pace of asset purchases.

After the FED interest rate decision, there is movement in gold and BTC

After the Fed rate decision, movements were observed in the markets. Gold prices jumped from $1,775 to $1,785. Bitcoin price rose from $43,000 to nearly $44,000. Altcoin prices also turned green with the rise of BTC. The appearance of the top 10 at the time of writing is as follows.

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