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Microsoft, which has thrown Internet Explorer’s shoes into check, continues to provide new support to the new Edge browser. Compared to Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge is emerging as a newer and lighter alternative. The company is also demonstrating its commitment to the browser by adding new features and light visual refreshes to break Chrome’s market share. Microsoft is now updating its feature roadmap to highlight all the features we can expect to see in a future version of Edge.

Microsoft has released a “Feature Roadmap” for Edge that showcases all the notable things they’re working on. However, it is worth noting that there are no official diaries available. Leopeva64-2, a Reddit user, offers us a list of the innovations added to the roadmap. In this context, although we know that some features such as tab groups and the option to hide the title bar have been available for a while, let’s also mention that these features have just been added to the aforementioned page.

The innovations that Microsoft is considering to bring to Edge are listed as follows:

  • Free-form text boxes added to PDF documents:

    Starting with version 94, we’re adding support for free-form text boxes to PDF documents that you can use to fill out forms and add visible nodollarsars.

  • Start PWA instead of browser with URL links:Beginning with Microsoft Edge version 97, you can choose to launch the browser in a PWA instead of the full native browser.
  • Tab Groups:The ability to divide tabs into user-defined groups helps you find, replace, and manage tabs more effectively across multiple workflows. To enable this, we turn on tab grouping starting with Microsoft Edge version 93.
  • Added support for citations to collections:Beginning with Microsoft Edge version 95, we’ve improved the Collections experience specifically for students and researchers. Collections will begin to support quotes and reading lists.
  • New policy to support more flexibility in Microsoft Edge startup:Beginning with Microsoft Edge version 94, enterprise administrators will have more flexibility in the options they choose in their starting policies. This will include the ability to set the start page, add/remove additional pages, and pick up where you left off. It will also open the set of pages specified by the policy.
  • “Picture in Picture” (PiP) from the hover toolbar:Starting in Microsoft Edge version 93, it will become even easier to enter “Picture-in-Picture” mode. When you hover over a supported video, a toolbar will appear allowing you to view that video in a PiP window.
  • Free-form highlighting in PDFs:Beginning with Microsoft Edge version 94, the PDF viewing and signage experience will be enhanced with the addition of free-form highlighters. This allows you to highlight parts of scanned documents as well as PDFs that you may not have access to commenting on.
  • Notifications from web applications will appear from PWA:Beginning with Microsoft Edge version 94, notifications from progressive web apps PWAs will no longer appear to be coming from Microsoft Edge. Instead, it will show the name of the web app.
  • Hide the title bar when using Vertical Tabs:You will be able to undo a few extra pixels by hiding the browser’s title bar while in Vertical Tabs. Starting with Microsoft Edge version 93, you can go to edge://settings/appearance and select the option to hide the title bar when in Vertical Tab mode under the Customize Toolbar section.
  • Automatic translation for unknown languages:Beginning with Microsoft Edge version 94, when you navigate to a page that is displayed in a language that you do not know, Microsoft Edge will automatically translate the content of the page into your primary language. We will then also give you the option to return to the original page or disable further automatic translations.
  • First choices in Microsoft Edge:Deploying Microsoft Edge to your organization will become easier from version 93 with the addition of Startup preferences.
  • Improved transfer between IE mode and modern browser:Starting with Microsoft Edge version 95, the transition between the modern browser experience and the IE mode experience will improve. Referrer headers, post data, form data, and request methods will now be properly passed between the two experiences.
  • Alie Security:Families using Microsoft Family Safety will soon see improvements to their content filters. Parents will also be more comfortable knowing the filtering settings for allowed sites and blocked sites. However, youtube. For sites like .com, blocked sites will also be improved to prevent children from going to unauthorized videos. Also, when use only allowed websites mode is active, parents will be able to see an option to add a list of educational sites to the allow list with one click.

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