As you know, foods that fall into the ‘fast-food’ category are seen as unhealthy and weight-gaining due to the oils and additives they contain. That’s true, but one of the reasons why these foods make you gain weight is simple carbohydratesdollars was thought to be. However, this view has been refuted by a new study that has yielded results.

Known as ‘fast carbohydradollarsar’ or simple carbohydradollarsar, the claim that foods with high glycemic index cause weight gain was debunked many years after its appearance. Experts have debunked the myth that simple carbs cause more weight gain than complex carbs, which digest more slowly.

It’s not whether the carbohydrate comes from potatoes or pastries, it’s the amount of calories

When asked for examples of foods with a high glycemic index containing simple carbohydrates, they usually think of foods containing flour such as pizza, pasta, hamburgers, pies, and donuts. Since these foods are digested much faster than complex carbohydrates, they raise blood sugar suddenly. However glycemic index

Stating that the term was coined to classify foods according to their effects on blood sugar in the satiety state, the researchers say that this term has nothing to do with gaining weight faster or inviting obesity.

The research, published in the journal Adevances in Nutrition, looked at data from nearly 2 million adults who participated in 43 cohort studies. Results, that the body kidollarse index is not related to the glycemic index and revealed that there is no consistent interaction between these two terms. Professor Glenn Gaesser, co-author of the study, used the following statements in his statements about the results:

“Contrary to popular belief, people on a diet of high-GI foods are not more likely to be obese or gain weight than those who follow a low-GI diet. those who follow have no less chance of losing weight either.”

Debunking yet another myth about losing and gaining weight is that the main factor in losing or gaining weight is creating a calorie deficit or surplus once again reminded me. Experts stated that at the end of the study, carbohydrates can be included in a healthy eating plan regardless of class.

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