With his first movie in 2001, he hooked automobile and racing lovers with ticks, but in his last films he became more and more fantasticizeThe Fast and the Furious series is popular with many people. managed to establish a throne in his heart. Especially those who have a great role in the series. Death of Paul Walker, the whole world was shaken.

But despite everything that happened, the series continued and the 9th movie of the series took its place in the vision this year. Despite Covid-19 restrictions Close to 700 million dollars It has been revealed when the sequel to the grossing Fast and Furious 9 will come.

Fast & Furious 10 coming in 2023

Dominic Toretto and ‘ family‘ what more could happen to you?“, which will be the answer to the question of “Fast and Furious 10”. On April 7, 2023 announced that it will come to cinemas. If the filming in next January will start.

In the 11th movie, which is said to be the last movie of the Fast and the Furious series, with Fast and Furious 10 back to back is expected to be withdrawn. In this case, the last two films of the series are actually a movie in two parts and complement each other. Before Avengers and Harry Potter

This method, which we see in series such as , attracts the attention of the audience.

It is a matter of curiosity what the characters who even went to space with Fast and Furious 9 will do in the 10th and 11th movies and what will happen to them. Although some viewers think that the old taste of the series is gone, according to the revenue, the Fast and Furious series is still is very popular.

Fast & Furious 9 worldwide total $680 million grossed and The biggest movies of 2021 has secured its place among

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