Microsoft has integrated the Fluent Design design language into the operating system with an update published in the past years. The company is now updating its Windows 10 icons after a long time since this change.

A designer named Vastglad created a concept interface for Windows 10 by combining Microsoft’s Fluent Design language and new Windows 10 icons with the interface of the Windows 10X operating system developed for dual-screen devices.

In concept design; containing multiple sections for search, tasks, nodes, and recent files, more curved A Start Menu with hadollarara appears. There is also a weather and settings option at the top of the Start Menu.

Generally inspired by Windows 10X, the Start Menu also features new Windows 10 icons that Microsoft recently revealed Fluent Design

There are also new application icons that touch the effecdollar series. The concept also shows a new splash screen for apps. Designer of Windows 10 Weather

It shows an example splash screen for the application .

The splash screen, the new icon of the Weather app and Microsoft logo has a curved frame where it is located. The Weather app fits nicely into the Windows 10 concept and looks pretty plain.

In addition to all these, there is no search box and task view button on the taskbar in the concept. thus Taskbar gets a simpler and different style. In the notification area, there are traditional icons for network status, sound and the touch keyboard.

It seems unlikely that Microsoft will come up with such a design. But to the company’s design team inspiration We can say that there is a work that could be possible. What do you think about this concept study? You can let us know your ideas in the comments.

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