Gold fiadollaryellow, started the week at high levels. Although previous levels started to be seen again towards the close, ounce of gold reached $ 1,760 today. Gram gold, on the other hand, went above 500 lira and reached 502.5 lira. Meanwhile, Gold and Money Markets Specialist İslam Memiş announced his predictions for the market.

Famous stin ounce gold forecast:

Expert Islam Memiş drew attention to the criticality of $1,750 for the ounce price of gold. According to Memiş, if the gold price closes below this level, the downtrend may continue. Also, talking about the effect of the US Federal Reserve on the markets, the expert stated that the effects on the market were seen as a result of Fed Chairman Powell’s “hawkish tone”.

Cryptocoin. com, after Powell’s speech, gold saw the levels of $ 1,742. Memiş underlined that there should be closes at $ 1,780 and above in order for gold to rise. He also said that below $1,721 is needed for the declines to continue.

Gold gold forecast

On the gram gold front, Islam Memii said he believes the rise will continue. According to the expert, since both the dollar and the ounce are behind the rise of gram gold, technically, the rises can continue. Memiş stated that last week, grams of gold were traded between 482-502 liras in the free market and that even 500 liras were seen in jewelers. According to the analyst, who drew attention to the upward break under the gram, the levels of 492-497 liras will now be followed.

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