Gold prices are yellow, not meeting investor expectations lately and the ONS price is at $1,775 at the time of writing. Gold has fallen in a straight line in recent years and is not promising in short-term forecasts. Nowadays, the main curiosity of investors is whether gold will rise or not… Also, when should profit be taken in gold?

Which amics move the market? And what kind of strategy should be followed in the unpalatable precious metal market is also among the questions in mind. The famous journalist and St. Murat Muratoğlu shared an important video with the answers to these questions and more. Cryptocoin. com

As , we have compiled Murat Muratoğlu’s striking comments and recommendations about gold for you, our esteemed readers, let’s examine them together…

Murat Muratoğlu: It is meaningless to buy gold from these fiyadollarsar “just because it fell fast”!

Journalist and St. Murat Muratoğlu made two surveys, one on Youtube and one on Twitter. Murat Muratoğlu, “What will be the year-end price at the level of 1.750 dollars an ounce?” asked. A devastating majority of survey respondents voted for gold to rise. Murat Muratoğlu commented on the yellow metal market after this survey and shared his current strategy on gold. According to Murat Muratoğlu, it is meaningless to buy gold from these fiyadollarsars “just because it fell fast”. The famous journalist explains the reason for this in the following words:

Gold has forgotten the rise and fell in a straight line for the last 1.5 years. It caught my attention because gold is falling so fast. First of all, it is meaningless to buy gold just because these prices fell faster than the sarees. There may be a reaction here, but it is a rule that the falling knife is not caught in the markets. You get on the train late, but at least you know where to go. None of us are market makers. You will follow the trends…

st Muratoğlu: You will buy gold, but you will also know how to sell it!

In the continuation of his statements, Murat Muratoğlu also announced when he would buy gold and drew attention to the level of 1,835 dollars:

When will I get gold? If it goes up 5 percent from the current situation then the ONS price would be equivalent to $1,835. At that time, if it meets the sales and holds on, I will enter the game. Brother Hilmi, do you need a fourth? When people make 5 percent, they sell, but they make mistakes. This indicates that money has been received. Here you can try to buy from there… You will buy gold, but you will know how to sell it… I will say that profit is worthy of your pocket. If you find it, paste your opportunity and good profit directly.

Murat Muratoğlu also summarizes the market environment in which the precious metal is fed and points to the periods of uncertainty and intensification of money printing:

What do we know about gold investment? He likes the hazy weather… He loves the uncertainty… If you print money, he will be canadollar… It takes off in inflationary environments… All ok, but if it is falling, a job is sought under this business. Well, we know that the inflationary environment will not pass easily, don’t those who sell thousands of contracts know? Here pay attention… “The winner is always the same” Who? American investment bank JP Morgan… So how?

Murat Muratoğlu: If inflation flounders, if central banks gawk at it, gold is there!

st also explains why gold remains in bearish mode despite bullish news. According to Murat Muratoğlu, if an asset does not rise despite the news, it means that it will lose value after a while. For this reason, Murat Muratoğlu drew attention to the decline in gold, while many assets from copper to metal gained value. In addition, st warned investors, “It may take generations for an investment in gold at the wrong time to see a profit. ” he added. So when can yellow metal fiadollars rise to yellow? Murat Muratoğlu also answered this question and turned his eyes to inflation:

If inflation flounders, if central banks gawk at it, gold is there. Gold prices have only one determinant these days. It is the Federal Reserve Bank of America…

You can watch the video below to learn all of Murat Muratoğlu’s stunning precious metal and market comments.

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