Gold failed to rise above $1,800 an ounce once again. Gram gold is around 486.91 liras. This week, gold investors will be watching inflation data in the US. These data will be released on Tuesday. Gold and Money Markets Specialist shared his predictions for grams and ounces of gold, while ounce of gold regressed to $ 1,788.

Ounce gold forecast: “Recovery is in question”

Cryptocoin. com, as we have previously reported, non-farm employment data in the USA was announced, after which there was an increase in the ounce price of gold. Gold is 1.780-1 for the week. It traded in the $830 range. Islam Memiş also drew attention to these levels and pointed out that profit sales were also seen with the rise. Still, talking about the weekly range, he said he doesn’t want to move away from the $1,800 ounce level of gold.

According to Memiş, the ounce price awaits inflation data in the US before determining its next trend. The expert says the gold tick could set a new direction on Tuesday. He states that if the inflation data is higher than expected, gold may rise to $ 1,850, and if the data is low, there may be a pullback to the levels of $ 1,765.

“Most likely, there is a final low at $1,770-$65,” he says, pointing to the possibility of “a last buying opportunity” under the ounce. However, by declaring that there is a narrow range, 1.750-1 in the medium and long term. He says that there will be a breakout if mudollar in the $850 region.

Gram gold forecast: “520-540 liras can be seen at the end of the year”

Islam Memiş says that the range he follows for gram gold is 478-488 liras. According to the expert, gram gold is sometimes affected by ounces of gold and sometimes by the dollar exchange rate. But in general this band gap is not broken. Memiş pointed to 480 liras as the last low levels of the year, 475 liras below it, and 470 liras further on. According to Memiş, who says that he foresees a withdrawal in the dollar rate, if there is a withdrawal, gram gold may be negatively affected by this and fall below 480 lira for the last time.

Stating that there will be a buying opportunity when there is a decrease below this level, the expert said that we are likely to see the 520-540 Dollars range at the end of the year. However, in the short term, the range of 478-488 Dollars remains valid in a one-week period.

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