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Rob Levy, co-founder of crypto derivatives exchange Hxro, says he has accumulated from several altcoin projects during the market downturn. Let’s examine Rob Levy’s altcoin choices together…

Rob Levy: Bought Bitcoin Ethereum, Solana and FTT in the Fall!

In a new episode of Delta-Fi, Hxro co-founder Rob Levy says he’s not really interested in finding the bottom of the crypto fix. While the markets are looking for direction, Rob Levy says he has accumulated Bitcoin, the leading altcoin Ethereum, the relatively new smart contract network Solana (SOL), and the native token of crypto exchange FTX, the FTX Token (FTT). Rob Levy adds the following to his explanations on the subject:

I want to have things that will perform best. And I will continue to add…  I am mudollar of adding $45,000 to Bitcoin… This is a much longer game for me. You don’t want to be washed away by the noise. What do you think is going to happen around? I think Ethereum, people are just getting used to it… We’re still at that stage where people get in… I’m adding to my key positions. Bitcoin Ethereum, Solana, FTT I think is absolutely fine…

Hxro co-founder: Altcoin project FTT might scare some people!

Rob Levy says that FTT in particular can scare some people off because its price is 20 times higher than it was in the last bear market, even after the big drop. Rob Levy adds the following to his explanations on the subject:

Let’s talk about FTT. Let’s say it’s $27, which is 20 times higher than where you bought it. What did the user number do? What did the volumes do? His burns increased 100 times. If all of this is more, then I feel better. It’s a different product.

Rob Levy: Bitcoin could easily drop to $20,000 again

The crypto derivatives exchange executive warns that Bitcoin and the market as a whole could still move much lower. Rob Levy adds the following to his explanations on the subject:

We can easily drop to $20,000 again. You can protect yourself. You don’t always have to be in everything. Being all in spot cryptocurrency shouldn’t technically hurt you unless you have to sell it for liquidity. A Bitcoin is a Bitcoin. If you think it will be much higher in the future and you don’t have to sell, it’s fine there.

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