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Celsius Network CEO Alex Mashinsky made important predictions. According to Alex Mashinsky, the leading altcoin Ethereum has already surpassed Bitcoin in dollar terms.

Celsius Network CEO: Leading altcoin Ethereum has already surpassed Bitcoin in dollar terms

When asked by Kitco News host David Lin about the possibility of Ethereum surpassing Bitcoin in market valuation, Celsius Network CEO Alex Mashinsky said:

Ethereum has already surpassed Bitcoin on a dollar basis, as demonstrated by the Celsius community’s total holiness, and I think the broader market will follow in the next year or two. We will see this disrespect happen in the broader market. I look at the Celsius numbers and I hear what the Hodler community at Celsius tells me every day.

So the CEO of Celsius Networks is making his predictions based on how many dollars a million people hold on the Celsius network and whether they own more in Bitcoin or more in Ethereum.

Ethereum has surpassed Bitcoin in the last month or two. The first time our million users had deposits of over $17 billion, the total was in Ethereum in dollars.

Celsius CEO: You will see more widespread adoption of Ethereum compared to Bitcoin!

Alex Mashinsky states that the use case of Bitcoin is a store of value. In contrast, the use case of the leading altcoin Ethereum is yield. In his view, yield has a larger user base and more people compete for revenue than those who want to transfer value from fiat currency to Bitcoin. According to Celsius CEO, you will see more widespread adoption of Ethereum compared to Bitcoin.

But according to Celsius CEO, both are unique applications and blockchains that will become more common in the future; but one will surpass the other. Overall, Alex Mashinsky believes that the second tier solves ETH’s problems in the near term. Still, according to Celsius CEO, ETH 2.0 will be an important development that allows both solutions to work together.

Ether expected to gain more traction as the EIP-1559 Blockchain update approaches

Over the weekend, leading altcoin Ethereum broke past the $2,300 barrier for the first time since mid-June, following significant capital outflows last month. Therefore, Ether is expected to gain more traction as the EIP-1559 Blockchain update approaches.

According to Analisdollarser, the incredible increase in Ethereum’s daily active addresses could indicate that Bitcoin has lost its status as the world’s leading cryptocurrency. Cryptocoin. com, however, CoinMarketCap. According to com, BTC maintains a market dominance of 44.5%, while ETH has a market dominance of 18.5%.

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