Facebook, years ago Libra

He announced that he had launched a crypto money project called . According to the statements made by the company, along with this cryptocurrency, a digital wallet that will support other cryptocurrencies is also ” Calibra“. However, the company could not agree with financial authorities over the years. a big risk, the authorities enabled Facebook to make changes in the Libra project with the pressure they set up.

In their statements on the subject, the company stated that they changed the name of the digital wallet and that this crypto wallet ” Novi“. Facebook, which announced a new decision shortly after that, mentioned that they changed the name of Libra this time. In those statements, the name of the crypto money ” Diem“. Now, a statement has come about the digital wallet Novi, which also supports Diem.

Facebook’s cryptocurrency Diem’s ​​digital wallet, Novi, is ready to use:

He was one of the top executives of PayPal until 2018, and the name that Facebook brought to the head of Blockchain technologies in 2018. David Marcus announced in a statement on Medium that Novi is ready. for Novi legal processes

Stating that they started in and got a license for Novi in ​​most of the USA, Marcus underlined that the digital wallet will not be made available in unlicensed regions.

David Marcus is present in his comments on Novi financial order also mentioned. Stating that the system is completely broken and there is no sustainable side, Marcus said, that payment systems will change sooner or later stated that Diem and Novi will also be a part of this change. Emphasizing determination, the Facebook executive most reliable underlined that they are sure to be one of the players.

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