In the report shared by The Information a few days ago, it was stated that Facebook set up a team of artificial intelligence researchers to “examine the methods of analyzing encrypted data without decrypting it”. Although the project is still under development, Can enable Facebook to use encrypted WhatsApp messages for targeted advertising. What is explained in the report “ homomorphic encryption” method, we can say that Facebook has different plans. So, what is homomorphic encryption, let’s talk about it first.

Homomorphic encryption, information in algebraically encrypted data sets. without decryption is one of the data protection methods that allows reading and changing. The most important reason for the emergence of this innovation, which has recently been considered the popular encryption type of the technology company, is. due to the unreadable and uneditable nature of other encryption methods. For example, the fact that an authorized person working in an institution can update the encrypted document directly instead of decrypting it to update an encrypted document, instead of creating a security weakness, offers great flexibility and security.

In a statement made by Facebook at this point, “We are the market leader. increasing the efficiency of advertising systems and also developing privacy-protecting technologies we want. ” and stated that there is a need for employees who will take part in various business lines. In the published job posting list; Researchers who have studied privacy, including homomorphic encryption, data anonymization, and secure computing, are encouraged to apply.

We know that Facebook has received intense criticism from users for its privacy changes. In particular, compromising privacy in order to increase the financial gain from the service makes everyone uncomfortable. The Information, on the other hand, is Facebook’s share of homomorphic encryption. believes it can find a middle ground between user privacy and the advertising business model. Especially when it comes to encryption, the first thing that comes to mind is WhatsApp messages is expected to play a leading role in this project. However, a Facebook spokesperson told The Information, “We are currently considering homomorphic encryption on the WhatsApp side. we are very early.” is worth emphasizing.

This project, which will enable Facebook to analyze encrypted WhatsApp messages without decrypting them, could increase the company’s revenue from WhatsApp by protecting the privacy of data. We will see how the system, which is planned to work in accordance with both the laws of the countries and the advertising type, will be adopted in the coming period. Because it is obvious that a large segment of people who are against targeted advertising will not take kindly to this breakthrough. Do not forget to express your thoughts in the comments.

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