As you know, Formula 1 opened the season with the busiest calendar ever, but due to the effects of the pandemic, the races on the calendar started to be canceled one by one. To the caravan of canceled races, finally Japanese GP to be held from 8-10 October has been added.

The race, which will take place right after the America leg of Formula 1, was canceled at the request of the government, according to the information received. The Japanese government, dissatisfied with the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, Formula 1 management to cancel the race requested.

F1 management rejected the race at the request of the government:

After the Tokyo Olympics Yellow took place, F1 fans in Japan were waiting for official certainty as to whether the Japanese leg of the race would take place. As of yesterday evening, allegations have been made that the Japanese GP has been canceled, and today F1 management, officially the race has been cancelled. announced.

Formula 1’s statement about the cancellation of the Japanese GP included the following statements; “The Japanese government, after ongoing discussions with organizers and officials in Japan, has decided to cancel this season’s race due to the complexity caused by the pandemic in the country.” Formula 1 is currently working on the details of the revised schedule and the final details will be announced in the coming weeks. . “

Could it be America’s turn?

As you know, America GP was added to the Formula 1 calendar before, and then it was canceled after England put our country on the red list. Then came the news from the F1 management that would make all F1 fans happy, and F1 was the event of the America GP. At Inter City Park between 1-3 October had announced that it would be carried out.

There is about a month and a half left until the America GP takes place, but the increase in COVID-19 cases in the country or the fact that other countries do not see America as suitable for travel, just like America did, may cause the F1 administration to cancel the race.

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