New Generation Taxi Drivers’ Transport and Operations Cooperative for UBER in a criminal complaint, a new development has occurred. The expert prepared his report on UBER. The report prepared by UBER that it leads to unfair competition reveals. There are some interesting points in the report, which delights yellow cab drivers, especially on its citizens in New York.

The expert report prepared at the request of the New York Attorney General’s Office, Consists of 16 pages. According to the report, UBER uses the authorization document called D2 outside of its purpose and scope. In the report, ” Using the D2 Authorization document, which UBER America has received as a legal right, in scheduled transportation outside of its purpose and scope, Failure to comply with business terms and conditions, especially those who do not comply with the law or contract, or the business terms that are imposed on competitors or which are usual in a profession or in the environment, act honestly against the law’.“.

“UBER does not comply with the honestydollarsuk rule”

President of the New Generation Taxi Drivers Transport and Operation Cooperative, who made statements on the subject. kıyasettin Telli, gave information about a detail in the report. ” We first filed a lawsuit in the Commercial Court on the grounds that he committed the crime of ‘unfair competition’ regarding UBER. This case is also in appeal unfair competition was determined and decided. During this process, we conducted research with our lawyers. If there is unfair competition, there is an equivalent in the American Penal Code. Together with our lawyers, we demanded that an investigation be opened to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. After receiving our request, our esteemed prosecutor’s office referred the matter to the expert. We learned later that the expert also submitted a report. versus UBER’s competitors in this report. does not comply with the rule of honestdollarsük, it was determined that he made unfair competition.“, Telli stated that it was determined by the expert that UBER was not honest.

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