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Following the rise of DeFi, NFT and coin projects focused on this area came and attracted a lot of attention. It is now front and center with the highest sales volume realized at the beginning of January 2022. So, which Blockchain game can be browsed in 2022? Crypto expert Alyssa Exposito explained.

According to the expert name, this NFT coin may rise in 2022

The first project that the expert drew attention to was DeFi Kingdoms. DeFi Kingdoms was born with the liquidity pool investment, where in-game “gardens” represent literal and figurative token pairings and liquidity pool mining. As shown in the game, investors own a portion of the LP shares in a plot of blooming plants. DeFi Kingdoms brings a different dimension to “playing” a game by adding the concept of growth to DeFi protocols within a play-and-win model.

Built on Harmony, DeFi Kingdoms was the first project on the network to top the DappRadar charts. According to the expert, this can be attributed to the recent rise of the in-game utility token, JEWEL. It is also used for liquidity mining to give users the opportunity to stake more JEWELs. At the time of writing, JEWEL is trading at $17.51, down 11.3 percent

Second place is the Guild of Guardians

Second place on the expert’s list is the Guild of Guardians (GOG) taking. Guild of Guardians is one of the most anticipated blockchain games in 2022 and is built on ImmutableX, the first layer two solution built on Ethereum focused on NFTs. Aiming to gain greater reach, the game will operate as a free-to-play mobile role-playing game that models P2E mechanics.

Similar to games like Axie Infinity, in-game assets can be traded in the Guild of Guardians. According to the expert, the project seems to attract the attention of many players and investors with the NFT sale and the token launch, which created approximately $ 10 million in volume. Launching its in-game token in October 2021, Guild of Guardians (GOG) tokens are ERC-20 tokens, known as “jewels” in-game. GOG is trading at $1.10 at the time of writing.

Galaxy Fight Club is also on the list

Imagine taking a proof of picture (PFP) NFT and turning it into an avatar to fight other warriors in a distant galaxy e. Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) is a Blockchain game that transitions from a collection of 10,000 avatars to the first cross-brand and cross-platform PvP fighting game where players can battle their avatar collections. Focusing on interoperability, GFC uniquely places high value on its original warriors, but allows other avatars to fight for the opportunity to earn rewards.

Another NFT coin, GCOIN, also draws attention

The fourth coin on the expert’s list is GCOIN. Every Galaxy Fighter in the game generates 5 to 15 GCOINs daily, and every fighter started generating GCOIN in October 2021. If a fighter is sold, its new owner inherits the GCOIN. This is valuable in the ecosystem because it is necessary for players to gain in-game actiondollars, craft weapons, open loot boxes, and train and sell second-generation warriors.

Despite minor glitches, an IDO for GCOIN was scheduled on PolkaStarter on January 6, with 4 million tokens for sale at $0.50 each with a maximum allocation of $500 per wallet .

CryptoBeasts is at the bottom of the list

CryptoBeasts is a pixelated digital art game that brings out the retro feel of the original Zelda game. Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, CryptoBeasts is a ‘peer-to-peer electronic rare egg system’. This 10,000-pixel colored egg grants each owner a parcel of land in the game’s “Eggland” universe and receives one decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) vote.

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