Popular crypto KOL Lark Davis shares the biggest crypto assets in his portfolio and his strategies for these cryptocurrencies with his subscribers. we too Cryptocoin. com

As , we have prepared Bitcoin and 5 other altcoin projects on the analyst’s list for our readers.

Analyst’s favorite Bitcoin (BTC)

As a long-term bullish on Bitcoin (BTC), Lark Davis says he allocates 30% of his portfolio to the leader of crypto assets:

Bitcoin is not one of the cryptocurrencies that will make you super rich. If you buy Bitcoin now, at the end of the decade it will still do 10x, maybe more maybe 20x.

According to the analyst, investing in altcoins these days will make returns faster and bigger. However, Lark Davis emphasizes that it is better to include a low-risk asset in the portfolio that will definitely appreciate over time:

What I do is make money in altcoins, move money from high-risk profits and put it in low-risk areas. That’s why I buy profitable small coins and stack them in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a long-term wealth asset for me. It’s the digital gold of my portfolio. I treat Bitcoin, which is still in the price setting process, as I invested in gold.

Also, Lark Davis recommends that instead of putting BTC in a cold wallet, you should deposit Bitcoin in Celsius to earn 6.2% BTC interest per year.

Leading altcoin Ethereum (ETH) ranks second on the list

Lark Davis says 20% of his portfolio is for Ethereum (ETH). Similar to BTC, the trader states that he has only accumulated ETH at this point, as it is a long-term asset:

In terms of the high fees on the Blockchain at the moment, other Blockchains are definitely benefiting from the high fee situation of Ethereum at the moment. But Ethereum mechanics is on the rise. EIP-1559 There are trucks full of Ethereum burning. We have very attractive stake rates. When we move from Proof of Woork (PoW) to Proof Of Stake (PoS), we will have the full key of k incentives. There are many reasons to be bullish on Ethereum.

Lark Davis puts his ETH in Celsius to earn 5.35% ETH interest per year. It also splits ETH in Lido Finance, brings it to Yearn Finance and puts it in Curve stETH to earn 7.34% in ETH.

Other altcoin projects: USDC, EGLD, MATIC and DOT

USDC, which makes up 10% of the trader’s portfolio, is next on the list. Similar to previous cryptocurrencies, Lark Davis puts USDC in Celsius to earn 8.8% interest. But Lark Davis points out that most of his USDC is sitting on the Anchor protocol, which is gaining 19.4% per year. The analyst states that he invested in Elrond (EGLD) when it was less than $10 and has now risen to $203.73. The trader says that he has added more to his position recently as Elrond is about to launch and he expects Elrond to exceed $1,000.

I bought a cute little pile of Elrond there. Because I felt the other tiered platforms were paddling and Elrond was getting too high. Maiar exchange launch. Launchpads are approaching, and we’ll be starting to see Elrond tokens come to life very soon.

Lark Davis says the last 2 long-term altcoin projects on his list are Polygon (MATIC) and Polkadot (DOT) because their networks have strong foundations and have a huge and active community.

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