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Men usually do not compromise their self-confidence. exaggerating their sex times they are concerned about looking cool, but the actual times are much lower. Due to the exaggeration of the adult film industry, this situation creates a psychological pressure on men.

Scientists, you will see that this pressure is unwarranted when you learn the results of therapistdollarserin after examining many couples.

According to various academic articles, the average duration of vaginal sex takes 4-7 minutes.

Even this period is considered long, because the average duration of 43% of doubledollarserine 2 minutes is around. Netherlands, England, Spain, America and in a study involving 500 couples from the USA, the average ejaculation time was measured as 6.5 minutes for those aged 18-30 years, and 4.3 minutes for those over 51 years old.

Ejaculation time in couples who have frequent sex 10-20 minutes, it was found that the average of those who had less sex was between 2-7 minutes.

The fact that the ejaculation time is actually short helps evolution.

Because although people often have sex for pleasure, it’s actually the main purpose of sex is to breed. It is sufficient for evolution for the sperm to reach the vagina.

With exceptions, this is also the case with animals.

If we look at the exceptions; A rodent species called brown antechinus can pair in pairs for 14 hours. Rattlesnakes, on the other hand, can mate in pairs for 23 hours. If pigs for 30 hours they can be discharged.

There are various reasons why ejaculation time differs in humans.

Some couples prefer a long lovemaking, while others fast and hard may be requested. Biological factors are also very effective. Factors such as hormonal changes, vaginal dryness, low libido can affect ejaculation time.

Men who ejaculate prematurely may experience guilt, shame, disappointment, decreased sexual satisfaction, uncontrolled ejaculation, and sexual reluctance over time.

So what kind of situations cause premature ejaculation?

  • Masturbation done in inappropriate environments in youth,
  • Sexual superstitions,
  • Inexperience in sexual intercourse,
  • Fatigue, boredom, uneasiness,
  • Unrealistic expectations about sexuality,
  • Lack of sexual stimulation,
  • Failure to meet the necessary conditions,
  • Serdollar disproportionate importance given to the swollen penis,
  • Growing up under sexual pressure,
  • The tension caused by excessive sexual desire,
  • Feelings of sin or guilt,
  • Fear of catching a disease,
  • Unexplained fear or rejection of the partner,
  • Fear of conceiving,
  • Castration anxiety,
  • Fear of partner disappointment,
  • Fear of not being able to inoculate the vagina,
  • Reluctance towards women,
  • Conflict with partner,
  • Fear of being discovered by others,
  • Excessive interest, commitment and love to the partner,
  • Relationships established for money or brothel habit,
  • Sexual incompatibility,
  • Subconscious negative thoughts about sexual intercourse,
  • Prostatitis, urethritis etc. diseases,
  • Penile hypersensitivity,
  • Neurological injuries at T12-L1 level,
  • Sudden discontinuation of narcotic or antipsychotic treatment etc.

“stop-start” technique can be applied in sexual therapy to delay premature ejaculation.

More than a minute when the feeling of ejaculation occurs waiting for a short time and then the penis is stimulated again. In this way, after stopping 3 times, discharge is allowed in the fourth. Here, high levels of arousal just before ejaculation become experienced before ejaculation occurs, with repeated prolonged reliving of sensations just before ejaculation. In this way ejaculation control

After is provided, gradually sexual intercourse is allowed in a woman-on-top position.

During sexual intercourse, when the feeling approaches, the penis is inside. held still is expected, after a while the warning starts again. For men who do not have a regular sexual partner or who cannot participate in sexual therapy with their partner for any reason, treatment begins with masturbation exercises.

Position at the time of sexual intercourse also has an effect on ejaculation. Therefore, ejaculation is faster in some positions.

Classic sexual intercourse position with the man on top (missionary position) is not a favorable position for delaying ejaculation. The man can control his ejaculation more easily in a position where the man is more comfortable, relaxes easily and does not exert effort, holds the woman in his lap or lies on his back. Also in these positions women they can reach a faster and more comfortable orgasm.

Medication can also be applied. (For detailed information on this subject, please contact your doctor.)

The following drugs are generally recommended:

  • Dapoxietin (Studies are still in progress, it is not available on the market.)
  • Fluoxetine, sertaline, clomipramine, etc., which improve ejaculation time. medicines,
  • Anxiety relievers,
  • Herbal blended aphrodisiacs,
  • Local numbing cream or lotions etc.

Delayed ejaculation or no ejaculation can also cause serious problems.

As with most sexual dysfunctions, men delayed ejaculation problem also generally emerges depending on the strict moral rules and upbringing style. Perceiving sexuality as a shame, bad, sin, sexual traumas experienced in childhood are wrong, exaggerated about sexuality. superstitions is among the factors that cause problems in sexual intercourse.

In addition, lack of sexual knowledge and lack of sexual experience are among the important reasons. In addition, the person experiencing performance anxiety, frequent masturbation and getting used to it can also cause delayed ejaculation problems during sexual intercourse.

However, if ejaculation does not occur at all, the problem possibility of an organic cause is too high. Some antidepressant drugs used, prostate surgery, yellow, neurological diseases (such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s), frequent alcohol consumption can also cause delayed ejaculation in men.

Özedollarse; If you are well below or above these average times, you may want to seek treatment.

The long ejaculation times exaggerated by adult movies do not reflect reality. If you think that the interval of 2-7 minutes is appropriate and that you ejaculate early even though you are in this time range. that it causes an unnecessary loss of self-confidence you should not forget.

Sources: Sexual Health Institute Association, Çağrı Mert Bakırcı (Evolution Tree), Healthline, ÇADEM Psychology

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