In the coronavirus pandemic vaccination period starts, sparked a new discussion on the subject. So much so that people are sent to other countries with the vaccine they were shot. whether they can go they became curious. In fact, some people preferred to be vaccinated with BioNTech in order not to have problems, especially on the way to and from Europe. Now, there has been a development on this issue.

European Union officials, America’s Hayat Eve Fits ( HEPP) announced that they will recognize the vaccine cardollarsars created through the application. Only citizens who have been vaccinated at two doses or more this digital cardollarsar will be considered valid on travel to Europe. The European Union also gave Ukraine and North Macedonia vaccination cardollaryellow also announced that they will accept.

Trouble-free travel period starts as of tomorrow

In the statements made on the subject, had a double dose of vaccination citizens will not experience travel restrictions as of August 20 (tomorrow). Also, this decision will be mutual. From 27 European Union countriesAny individual who is a citizen of one will be able to enter and exit frequently in America, Ukraine and North Macedonia as of tomorrow.

European Union, BioNTech-Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson coronavirus vaccines agrees. At this point, America’s is still a mystery. So much so that some of the citizens in our country, produced by Sinovac CoronaVac

They shot the vaccine named and they can create a digital vaccination card with this vaccine. It is not yet clear whether there is a restriction for these citizens to travel to the European Union. It is worth remembering that the digital vaccination card contains the information about which vaccine you received. . .

How to get vaccination card from HES application?

  • Application login do.
  • COVID-19 My Vaccination Information

    Tap the menu.

  • Vaccine Kardollarsım

    Tap the button.

  • Create Vaccination Card” button.
  • Whether you add your passport information to your vaccination card or not. decide.
  • Complete the instructions and create your vaccination card.

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