According to a report in Reuters, the European Union, after a meeting last Friday For citizens of the USA and five other countries is preparing to introduce travel restrictions. The restriction will not cover persons who have received a double dose of vaccination; It is said that unvaccinated people will be subjected to procedures such as quarantine and testing in the series of trips to EU countries.

US citizens can currently travel to the EU without restrictions. However, the same does not apply to EU citizens traveling to the USA. Even though the EU appealed to the US regarding this situation, the situation has not changed and now a similar application is on the agenda for the USA.

EU’s list of travel restrictions expands:

According to diplomadollars who reported the situation in a statement to Reuters, there are five more countries on the list of countries where the EU will impose travel restrictions. these countries Kosovo, Israel, Montenegro, Lebanon and North Macedonia

It is said to be .

The EU’s list of ‘countries whose citizens can travel to EU countries without any restrictions’ currently includes countries such as Japan, Ukraine and Qatar. There are 23 countries. It seems certain that some countries will be removed from this non-binding list in the near future. The update is expected on Monday if all EU countries agree.

However, among the EU countries, those who want a similar attitude to the USA and those who do not want such a practice due to tourism income concerns. differences is reported.

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