The famous analyst says that Ethereum (ETH), which has consolidated around $ 3400, will go to $ 10 thousand by the middle of 2021. Cryptocoin. com in this article, we will cover Etheruem (ETH) price action and BTC price forecast, as well as overviews presented by journalists, commentators, analystsdollarser, traders and investors as of Sunday, September 12.

Recent price action ETH and BTC forecast

According to data published by TragView, on crypto exchange Bitstamp currently (as of writing), Ethereum is trading around $3,423, which is 4% in the last 24 hour period. That means 32 increments.

As for Ethereum’s one-year (YTD) performance, ETH-USD is up 368.26%; The all-time high of $4,334 was set on May 12.

As for the analyst’s ETH price targets, we see the following. Of course, it is very difficult to predict short-term price movements for any asset, but on Friday, September 10, Simon Dedic, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Moonrock Capital, a London and Hamburg-based blockchain consultancy and investment partnership, said that the medium-term price for Ethereum gave his target. Analyst Dedic said he believes the ETH price will reach $10,000 by the middle of next year at the latest. Analyst Dedic’s predictions about different cryptocurrencies are as follows:

By mid-2022 at the latest, I predict that it will reach $100,000 in BTC, $10,000 in ETH, $10 in ADA, $1,000 in SOL, and $100 in DOT.

https://twitter. com/scoinaldo/status/1436289110751207425

As for long-term price targets, as The Block reported last Tuesday (September 7) ETH 26,000-35 in the long run for Ethereum, which they consider as They predict that it will be traded between $ 000.

What do investors say about ETH?

Mike Alfred, Founder and CEO of BrightScope and Digital Assets Data, explains why he plans to continue HODLing ETH no matter what:

https://twitter. com/mikealfred/status/143681294891968257

And another prominent investor told his more than 92,000 Twitter followers that the best way to get exposure to the rapid growth of Ethereum’s L2 scaling solutions is to invest directly in ETH. He said that their success helped the entire Ethereum ecosystem, thereby increasing the demand for ETH, which in turn helped raise its price.

https://twitter. com/iamDCinvestor/status/1436896490207727618

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