It is a fact known by everyone who closely follows the industry that the video game company Epic Games and Apple have been at odds for a while. To give a brief summary for those who don’t know, Apple’s application to mobile publishers from commissionsfucked Epic Games to Fortnite Mobile on the App Store in-app purchases by adding Apple had ignored. Apple, who cannot receive commissions from in-app purchases due to this method, can use Fortnite. removing from store had found it.

While the lawsuit between the Cupertino technology giant and Epic Games continues to be pending, an interesting name has been included in the subject. With every post on social media which is on the agendaTesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shared his Twitter account with Apple vs. in the Epic case made a statement.

Elon Musk supports Epic

Elon Musk, owner of Tesla and SpaceX, said in his Twitter account about the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple, ” Apple’s pricing of wagedollars in the App Store is a de facto global taxation on the Internet. Epic is right”. With this statement, Elon Musk took his place among the parties to this lawsuit. Musk, who posted this tweet, Using iPhone and sending the tweet from an iPhone also attended.

On the other hand, many Twitter users who saw the tweet liked Musk. inundated with criticism kept. Some users ” Modification of supercharger inputs of Tesla vehicles unblockingwith the same logic“, and some if they think so then A rival brand to Apple said he should remove it.

This dispute between Epic Games and Apple is getting bigger day by day. World’s giant brands and famous names are slowly coming to a conclusion in this case. choosing sides.

Who do you think is right in the Epic Games vs Apple case? Do not forget to indicate your ideas in the comments.

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