Tesla CEO and famous billionaire Elon Musk praised the hamster who made successful profits with Dogecoin trading. This hamster has made headlines around the world. The true identity of the hamster’s human caregiver is unknown. Details Cryptocoin. com, we have compiled it for you, let’s examine it together…

Elon Musk praised the hamster making profit with Dogecoin trading!

Mr. A hamster named Goxx stunned the cryptocurrency community with his impressive performance. A crypto trading hamster from Germany, Mr. Goxx also managed to attract the attention of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The famous billionaire praised the rodent for its “crazy skills” in response to a BBC article by Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus.

Named after the now defunct Mt. Gox, the hamster made headlines around the world after surpassing legendary investor Warren Buffett, S&P 500 and even Ark’s Cathie Wood. Mr. Goxx started trading crypto with a buy order for Stellar Lumens (XLM) in early June. Career performance reached its current peak of 42% with an unrealized profit of 136 Euros on 17 September.

Hamster has his own office room where he can transact whenever he wants!

The hamster has his own office room “Goxx Box”, where he can trade whenever he wants. The hamster selects the list of cryptocurrencies with the help of the “wheel of intent”. The hamster must then go through one of two “decision tunnels” to choose whether he wants to be on the buyer’s or the sell’s side of the trade. All trading sessions are broadcast live on Twitch. Dogecoin was one of the most successful transactions for Goxx. He bought the meme token in July and sold it with a 46% profit in September. The true identity of the hamster’s human caregiver is unknown.

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