KONAMI announced today that eFootball 2022’s official eSports tournament “eFootball™ Championship 2022” will be held in June.

“eFootball™ Championship 2022” is a tournament open to players of all levels, from elite players to complete beginners. After the name of the game was updated as „eFootball™“, the name of the tournament, which was previously known as „eFootball League“, was changed to „eFootball Championship“. Two tournaments will be held as part of the championship. The first of these is the “eFootball™ Championship Pro 2022” for professional esports players in official cooperation with various European clubs, and the other is the esports tournament “Championship Open 2022”, which is open to players of all levels.

Both the professional esports players who will compete in the „eFootball Championship Pro“ tournament and the players who will take part in the public „eFootball Championship Open“ will compete with the new mode of the game, „Dream Team“.

The clubs that will participate in the tournament and the schedule of both organizations will be announced at a later date.

The participants of this tournament will consist of professional players contracted with various football clubs of Europe. The players who will take part in the organization will be selected from among the best esports players in the world and will compete one-on-one through the new game mode of eFootball™ 2022, Dream Team.

The matches will be broadcast live all over the world over the internet.

“eFootball™ Championship Open 2022” is the most comprehensive and official esports tournament of eFootball 2022. This tournament is open to anyone from all over the world.

Players do not have to participate in Round 1 matches starting June 2022. If they wish, they can also take part in the qualifying round by participating in the related activities in the game.

In previous seasons, more than 8 million users in total participated in the “eFootball.Open” tournament. Players with the best scores in the “Dream Team” mode will qualify for the top tiers of the tournament and will finally challenge each other to become the World’s Best Player by facing off in the “World Finals” matches. The world finals will be broadcast online all over the world.

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