While the pandemic continues to show its effect all over the world, it is one of the reasons why the bans are lifted to some extent. vaccines has become a topic of discussion these days. Mostly preferred in our country BioNTech vaccine is the main focus of discussions because it is so preferred.

The BioNTech vaccine is available today as America’s third dose. So, what is the efficacy rate of this 3rd dose application? According to a recent study, the third dose is effective in the elderly at least one week after administration. 86 percent showed protection.

Only 37 of 149 thousand people were positive:

The research in question is one of the 4 leading health institutions in Israel. Maccabi Healthcare Servicedollarseries Comparing the effect of the second dose to the third, Maccabi found the third dose of vaccine 149. Of the 144 people, only 37 shared that it was positive in the tesdollarser.

This is the ratio 0.02 percent. When we compare this with those who received the second dose, those who received the second dose of vaccine 675. 1064 of 630 people was found to be positive in tesdollarser. Here the rate 0.2 percent. Stating that both groups have the same characteristics, Maccabi said that as a result of this study, the third dose of vaccine was administered to those aged 65 and over. 86 percent more protection turned out to provide.

The study showed that the second dose of vaccine administered in January was administered to people aged 60 years and older. against disease 55 percent protection also revealed that it provides. As a result of the study, team leader Dr. Anat Ekka Zohar said that the third dose of vaccine will play a big role in controlling the epidemic.

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