Konami, one of the most iconic games ever, PES a long time ago that the new game that will replace it will be e-Football. had explained. Not only in the name, but also in the game amy, which has undergone a lot of changes. new game gameplay video is finally published.

next fall first will have cross-platform support on platforms such as PS5, Xbox, PCk, and then e-Football 2022, which will be released for mobile versions on Android and iOS, has undergone quite a change as can be seen from the video.

e-Football 2022’s gameplay video:

Supported by Unreal 4 Engine, e-Football 2022 will be completely free regardless of PC or mobile, and 9 different football clubs will be offered to the players in the first place. The new game, which focuses more on one-on-one encounters than the previous versions, offers players to show these duels more closely. 1v1 duel cam feature s will be installed. Players can also control the ball during passing and shooting and in cases where the referee is penalized. harekedollarseries causing punishment will be able to watch over and over again.

e-Football 2022 will have a tier system called Match Pass, which offers the tiered rewards we are used to seeing in games like Fortnite and PUBG:Mobile, and the option to purchase them directly. According to Konami, teams such as Juventus, Manchester United and Barcelona will be offered to players for free with the launch. However, some teams via DLC mods to be added to the game later can be owned.

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