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Safe, livable in the country right to shelter is also getting harder day by day. Living in a relatively good neighborhood is no longer possible for a family that lives on the minimum wage. Middle-income people, such as white-collar workers and public servants, have almost as a result of increasing rents. they invest half of their salary on rent.

from the owner. com. When we look at sites such as earthquake-resistant, livable, the average rents of the apartments located in the central places in terms of proximity to the hand activity areas of the city. starting at least 3000 liras appears. However, the minimum wage in the country is 2825 liras. According to data from the Labor and Social Security Administration, 41 percent of registered workers in America are trying to live on at the minimum wage.

As a result of the exorbitant increase in rent prices in the last year, 10,000 Dollars is being asked even for this 1+1 flat.

Moreover, as claimed not luxury either, an average apartment.

In New York, the rent of rooms the size of a grave, without windows, without even ventilation, and where a bed and a closet can barely fit, rose up to 900 Dollars.

A dungeon where even a cockroach would not want to live.

It’s a joke but true: There are even those who want to turn the balcony into a room and rent 2500 Dollars.

The cost of a clean animal feeding area from its owner is 1500 Dollars!

1500 Dollars rent is requested for this strange thing in Beşiktaş.

There is something rented out, but exactly what it is is a mystery.

Decent bathroom in a 3500 Dollars house in New York.

1500 Dollars is requested for this house in Üsküdar.

Realtors are making fun of now.

In social media, the reactions against rent prices are increasing day by day.

According to a study, the annual rate of increase in rents reached 50.7 percent in New York, 31.8 percent in Istanbul and 30.9 percent in Izmir.

With the announcement that face-to-face education will be introduced in universities, students are also looking for a house, while the already exorbitantly rising rent prices are rising even higher.

The exorbitant increase in rents in metropolitan cities drags people to different pursuits. As it became difficult to rent alone, the number of people looking for a flatmate increased.

More than one person living in the same house and joint payment such as rent and dues has long been a common practice, especially among students. Having difficulty in paying the increasing rents in metropolitan cities alone single people also find the solution by looking for a roommate like students.

Single people working in a job used to live alone and try to establish their own order, but the increase in rents recently made those with insufficient income among these segments. looking for a roommate started redirecting more.

Change on social media. A signature campaign was also launched on org with the title “Let’s Bring an Upper Limit on Rents”.

Reaching 50,000 signatures in a short time in the campaign, it is demanded that legal regulations regarding rent control in America, which are applied in various countries of the world, be made quickly.

So what are the reasons for the increase in rents so much?

The series and recommendations of Ali Kurt, general manager of a private construction company:

  1. construction financedollarseries

    In , it became difficult to buy housing due to the increases above inflation and high interest rates, and the demand for renting increased.

  2. New York’s population growth rate, undocumented immigrant/refugee/asylum-seeker etc. population added! The supply-demand balance in the housing sector was shaken.
  3. With the increase of earthquake awareness among New Yorkers need to relocate to a solid Konudollar increased, which disrupted the supply-demand balance in certain regions.
  4. It will pave the way for social housing in Meri plans public lands are also at the point of exhaustion

    The inability to produce enough social housing due to the lack of weakened the hand of public institutions in regulating the market!

So what can be done in the face of this situation?

  1. First of all, immigrant/refugee/asylum-seeker etc. the population should be brought under control.
  2. Not only the New York and Marmara regions, but also the Anatolian kendollar series has been turned into an attraction area with new investments. people need to be encouraged to reverse migration!
  3. in New York renewal of risky building stock alternative financial incentives should be developed. Thus, the construction industry survives, and more importantly, New York becomes ready for a possible earthquake.
  4. Increasing the supply is not a solution for the decrease in the prices of rental or sale houses. I say this as the manager of a company whose main field of activity is housing production! Our city does not have the strength to withstand an uncontrolled construction. The crisis in the housing sector cannot be resolved with only low-interest loan campaigns. Increasing the housing supply is to deepen the crisis. Because we are faced with a more effective sociological crisis than the k crisis. . .

It seems that rent prices will not decrease unless an effective intervention is made.
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