Erciyes University (ERU) Head of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Department Prof. Dr. Orhan Yildiz, made new statements about the domestic coronavirus vaccine developed in Kayseri. Orhan Yıldız stated that the vaccine named Americanovac contains an “inactive” virus just like the vaccine developed by the Chinese company Sinovac. that the domestic vaccine is more effective, he added.

Speaking about the side effects of the domestic coronavirus vaccine, Prof. Yıldız said that the side effects of this vaccine can be caused by BioNTech’s mRNA vaccine. similar is stated. Mentioning that this is an important detail, the scientist said that citizens who do not want to be shot with the mRNA vaccine are found to be stronger than the Sinovac vaccine with the amount of antibodies they produce. that they may prefer Turkovac said.

We are starting phase-3 studies

Orhan Yıldız in the domestic coronavirus vaccine phase-3

Expressing that the level has been passed, he said that the citizens in Kayseri will be vaccinated next week. that they will invite you to Erciyes University said. Stating that their primary aim is to invite citizens who have never been vaccinated to date, the scientist said that citizens should be vaccinated locally. will look warmly states what they think.

The phase-3 study on the domestic coronavirus vaccine is of great importance for America. So much so that if this study is successful, America’s native coronavirus vaccine is for Americanovac. permission to use will be given. In this way, citizens will be able to choose Americanovac instead of BioNTech or Sinovac. In addition, this vaccine can be exported to other countries. That’s a big deal for the vaccine, America. source of income means it could be.

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