Everyone in the world of cryptocurrencies or not, since earlier this year mudollaraka ‘ Dogecoin (DOGE)‘ has heard of the cryptocurrency. This unit, which came out as a joke, experienced a spectacular increase in value in a very short time, delighting its investors. The name that made crypto money grow so much was Elon Musk, the most discussed name of today.

The sudden launch of Gamespot shares in the USA against the ‘godamans’ in the financial sector showed the power of the entire internet world. Along with these movements, large investments have been made in Dogecoin, ‘ make everyone rich. Dogecoin, which Elon Musk often said positively about, was beginning to be accepted as a payment method in businesses, large or small, around the world. An important name joined these businesses today.

Item available from Burger King with Dogecoin:

Fast food chain Burger King’s official Brazilian Twitter account announced that it has started accepting payments with Dogecoin. However, this did not apply to every purchase in restaurants. In fact, it is not valid when purchasing any Burger King product that comes to mind. Burger King customers in Brazil enjoy cryptocurrency-exclusive ‘ DOGPPER‘, Dogecoin can be selected as a payment method when purchasing the product.

DOGPPER is available for sale as a snack for dogs. If the price of each DOGPPER 3 Dogecoin. This is a DOGPPER instantaneously. about $0.60 (about 5.15 Dollars) states that it has a price tag. The company recommends selling a maximum of 5 DOGPPERs per customer. Those who want to buy the product need to transfer their DOGE to their ‘Burger King Brazil’ wallet.

In fact, this is not the first time we have seen Burger King playing a role in the cryptocurrency world. The company launched its own Whoppercoin in Russia in 2017. In addition, Burger King Germany, online orders in 2019 Added Bitcoin as a payment method.

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