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Recentlyunauthorizedcomplaining to the prosecution offices due to the photos and videos taken, according to the statement madefirst place exists. These kinds of problems, which have been and are constantly confronting us from the past to the present,famous names.

Now this issue seems to be getting hotter. Not just a few famous namesinteresting all people In this regard, unauthorized photos and videos of people are taken. If the person has made inappropriate actions or statements in these contents,big troubles can get. Currently thishigh school anduniversity groups are reported to be seen intensely. Here are the details:

“It is not reflected in the public as many people do not want to announce it”

The Independent teamForensic Computer Crimes Specialist Mustafa Sansar andInformatics Law Specialist Attorney Gökhan Ahi, Mustafa Sansar made the following statements:

There are people trying to get their ex-girlfriend back by using the images for threatening purposes. Sometimes, there are also those who montage an existing image by adding on it. Sometimes, let’s say, a couple’s intentionally shot but kept for themselves, can be disseminated if their phone falls into the hands of a third party for repair or otherwise.

According to Sansar’s statements, his wife’s marriage10 years ago There were individuals who saw their images and divorced them. How will this be in the future?family problems will issue and individualswill wear out reveals it.

When we come to the statements made by Ahi,smartphones has played a major role in the increase of these events. Ahi, this is not just the content recorded and stored with phones, it is amarket. made from social mediavideo calls

Stating that he could be in trouble , Ahi said,your secret shots also states that it can be achieved by cunning methods. An item likely to be found on a gift from someone obsessedhidden camera is given as an example.

What to do in this situation?

Sansar and Ahi, in this situation, in a moment of anger, contentnot to delete, from an expert or a lawyer with knowledge of IT law to get support, if you know who the person ishome andsearching for electronic devices suggests you request it. If these images are deleted, the evidence in hand will be destroyed, so what these people do may be left behind.

In addition, some individuals are affected by the emergence of their condition orfrom parents learning keeps silent because they are afraid. In this case, parents need to establish a proper communication with their children and approach the situation constructively. Otherwise, both personsfamily layouts as well as more peopleprivate life will take the risk.

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