Due to a potential security vulnerability, Intel has disabled DirectX 12 API support in recent graphics drivers for 4th Gen ‘Haswell’ processors.

With Intel’s graphics driver version 15, 40, 44, 5107, applications that run exclusively on the DirectX 12 API no longer work with GPUs integrated into Intel’s 4th Gen Core processors and Celeron and Pentium chips powered by Haswell architecture. The GPUs in question are based on Intel’s Gen7 architecture.

Blue team says some of their integrated GPUs contain a vulnerability that could allow privilege escalation. To minimize this weakness, the chipmaker has decided to disable DirectX 12 API support on Haswell platforms. This naturally means that DirectX 12 games will no longer run on Haswell-based systems using integrated GPUs.

Those who need to run DirectX 12 applications based on the GPU in question will need to downgrade the driver to version 15. 40. 42. 5063 or older. The Gen7 architecture was also used in the company’s 3rd Gen Core ‘Ivy Bridge’ CPUs. However, Intel has not retired DirectX 12 support for systems running these chips, or at least has not published a documentation on the subject.

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Michael Lewis


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