In these days when the discussions on cryptocurrencies and digital assets continue intensely, the effects of a great transformation in the financial sector have started to be seen despite all the discussions. Big companies, cool and investors’ favorite crypto money the belief that it will be the currency of the future is increasing.

A survey of finance professionals and industry executives by Deloitte supports this trend. Experts from the financial sector surveyed 76 percent, thinks that in the next 5-10 years, digital assets will replace government-backed fiat currencies or become a strong competitor.

”Participation in the age of digital assets is not an option, it’s inevitable”

With the increasing interest in cryptocurrencies, more and more money is being converted into an investment tool as a digital asset. This causes both institutional companies and individual investors to adopt this new investment tool more. The report states that banks are waiting for them in the future. accept digital transformation and expresses that they should adopt.

In the report ” Participation in the age of digital assets is not an option, it is inevitable. Only for leaders digital assets and new global financial services infrastructure it remains to decide how to use it to their advantage“.

Survey respondents think that the financial services company, thedollarseries, should move with the trend of cryptocurrencies, digital assets and blockchain. In addition, more than three-quarters of participating finance professionals will not be able to adopt blockchain and digital assets if companies do not that they will miss the chance to make a splash against their opponent thinks.

Another issue that the survey sheds light on is the fact that despite this requirement, the transition to digital assets will not be that easy due to existing infrastructure problems. 65 percent of the respondents, lack of financial infrastructure for crypto says it is the biggest barrier to the transition to digital assets, while risks around cybersecurity, regulatory issues and the need to protect privacy are also cited as critical barriers.

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