As you know, chameleon and cuttlefish can change color and camouflage according to their environment. This feature, which was difficult to imitate despite the advanced technologies, In a robot for the first time by South Korean scientists was applied.

Using nanotechnology and heat-sensitive materials, the researchers can adapt to the color of the environment and also designed a robot that can move quickly. The technology used in this robot, which is produced with an extremely low cost, has the potential to be used in sectors such as fashion and automotive in the future.

Robot can change color thanks to heat sensitive materials

Cuttlefish can camouflage whenever they want, thanks to their color changing cells called chromatophores, which are controlled by their nervous systems. In chameleons, this is a bit different. underlying pigmentation of the pigment by adjusting the distance between the crystalschameleons, who can decide which color to reflect, can thus escape from even their most formidable opponents.

As you can imagine, it is not possible to imitate this event, which seems like a miracle of nature. The head of the research, Seung Hwan Ko, talked about this subject. “Most current camouflage systems use some form of screen. They are both very expensive and inflexible” uses expressions.

The new method found by South Korean researchers is both inexpensive and has a much softer and more flexible structure than screens. In order for the robot to adapt to its environment, the team used heat-sensitive materials with multiple layers instead of OLED screens. performs just like the screen, although less sensitiven managed to reveal a system.

As you can see from the video, this technology has only been applied to a small robot for now. However, due to its low cost and the fact that it is an extremely easy system to implement, this technology will be used in the future. in the automotive and fashion sectors, even in the military is expected to be used.

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