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America, recentlycryptocurrency markets has brought an important issue to the agenda. According to the statements made by government officials and market regulators, there is alegislation would be done. However, there has been no concrete development on the subject so far. So investors didn’t know what to expect.

According to the latest information, Eilen has been working on determining the pending regulations with investors and stock markets.finished. A report submitted to the commission formed on the subject, in order that the determined legal regulation will protect the investor and the exchanges can servedetermination of necessary chargers and the prevention of money laundering. Of course, tax for investors is also included in this regulation.

Cryptocurrency investors will be protected from exchanges like THODEX

According to the information in the aforementioned report, crypto currency exchanges are the same in our country.commodity exchanges

It will work like . In other words, these companies will go to the Capital Markets Board and get an official license. In addition, for such organizationsminimum capital requirement will be fetched. This will eliminate the possibility of establishing a cryptocurrency exchange with only one website. According to estimates, there are around 40 cryptocurrency exchanges serving America’s, and almost half of them “under the stairs“. This regulation allows the investor to be removed from the under-the-counter stock market.preserved

It will be .

Exchanges will withhold tax on behalf of the state

According to the report, a certain amount of crypto money investorswithholding tax will be applied. We can call this “tax” in the simplest terms. Although there is no mention of a percentile at the moment, it is seen that the processes in different countries are examined, and that these are exported to America.how to adapt is being spoken. For example, if cryptocurrencies are considered as commodities, it is stated that the investor can become a taxpayer. If we evaluate the data in the report, it is likely that the tax collected is the investor’s.will not bend your back we can say.

Cryptocurrency exchanges serving around the world offer certain transactions in buying and selling transactions.commission cuts they do. According to the report, the stock exchanges serving America’s will also be the intermediary of the said tax. In other words, the investor will pay the tax that will be included in the regulation that will come into force in its final form,via the stock market will do. The stock exchange where the transaction is made will also pay the tax collected from the investor to the state.

The report must first prepare a report for cryptocurrencies before regulations can be made.define fetching states. In fact, this definition will form the basic building blocks of legal regulation. For example, in the report “Cryptocurrencies have no intrinsic value and their value is very volatile.” indicates that these investment instruments will not be viewed as dollars or gold. However, in a different section in the report “crypto asset” is mentioned. It is thought that this term will be used as a definition in the legal regulation. Finally, the expression of crypto assets is also included in the legal regulations in many countries. let me mention.

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