CoD: The Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies story will conclude with one final map in Call of Duty Season 6. Treyarch Studios clarifies some vague details about the game in a tweet. You can access the tweet here.

The tweet shows an image that players will be familiar with if they’ve played the Black Ops Cold War campaign. The large building in the photo stands out as the Soviet military training facility in Ukraine that Woods and Bell worked to infiltrate during the Cold War Operation Redlight, Greenlight mission.

There’s a note on the painting that reads, “Weaver, this is here. We have to stop here. – Ravenov.”

In addition to announcing this new map location, Treyarch has released two more teasers on social media. Treyarch’s Instagram has a similar black and white photo of what looks like a vault door.

The caption of this image reads, “Kravchenko plans to open a special passage. They are trying to find him.”

Another black and white image on Facebook shows a device resembling the machine in the Cold War’s Die Maschine map used to open the portal to Dark Ether.

The photo reads, “Omega’s next operation is already underway. They’ve been building it for months.”

The story of Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies has been a constant chase as the CIA’s Requiem research team works to stop the Omega Group, which is responsible for all the Dark Aether portals and zombie chaos.

These nodollarsars likely indicate that Requiem is now in a race to stop Omega from opening an even larger portal at the Ukrainian training facility, as story clues imply that Omega is trying to capture and harness the power of a monster living in the Dark Aether.

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