Delta variant has been on the agenda for the last few weeks in the coronavirus outbreak. Cases of the variant, which originated in India and are considered alarming because it is much more contagious, are increasing worldwide. The latest statement by the World Health Organization (WHO) is that the variant Its spread in Europe is accelerating. and it now shows that it has become the ‘dominant variant’.

Coronavirus cases detected in Europe a serious part of 68 percent. Creates a delta variant. Emphasizing that they expect the variant to become the dominant variant worldwide in the coming months, WHO Europe said, “The worrying Delta variant is advancing rapidly in Europe and has now become the dominant variant of the region. Judging by the current trends, Delta will be the dominant variant globally in the coming months.”

‘We are still far from the end of the pandemic’:

Although the progress made in vaccine studies in the last year has made us feel that the pandemic may finally end, unfortunately, the number of cases that have increased does not confirm this thought. WHO Europe Director Hans Kluge emphasized that we are still far from the end of the pandemic, ” The good news is that the data clearly indicates that it is fully vaccinated. risk of serious illness and deathshows that it seriously dropped“, emphasizing the importance of vaccine studies.

The most important explanation for Europe after the delta variant is the dominant variant is the WHO and European Center for Disease Prevention and Control. the steps taken within the scope of combating the coronavirus should be re-implemented had suggestions. This points out that there may be new restrictions in Europe and around the world in the future.

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