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So what can we share about the new DDR5 first?

  • Higher frequencies! Very high frequencies are possible compared to DDR4.
  • Multi-core, a technology with greater capacity and potential for more multi-core processors.
  • Internal voltage regulation: DDR5 has its own integrated voltage controller for stability.
  • New Intel XMP 3.0 profiles: Works at 4800MHz out of the box and can be picked up to high frequencies with XMP profiles on the new Z690 motherboards.
  • Corsair iCUE support: iCUE will be updated and detailed stepping information can be seen with XMP profiles.
  • Aluminum heat spreader: In the Vengeance series, it has a smaller structure that does not overlap with other components, yet it has a low profile heatsink.
  • DDR5 is mainly geared towards increasing performance more efficiently by consuming less energy than DDR4.
  • However, among its biggest advantages is a change in the structure of its communication with the CPU. Also, higher capacity memory modules are becoming possible. .

We’ll see how much of the vaadollars cool in practice.

Of course, not only RAMs have come, we also have a liquid cooler: the H150i Elite LCD is also a new generation and LGA 1700 compatible Corsair liquid cooler. With its RGBs, display, iCUE support, fans and other details, it is a product suitable for processors such as the high-frequency high-end Intel 12900K with a high core count.

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