Google announced in August that the Maps app for iOS will soon offer a dark mode option. On the other hand, although the feature was fully launched in early September, it started to reach everyone with a little delay. The Verge, on the other hand, was the first to notice the feature coming. So, how can dark mode be activated in the iOS version of Maps?

You can enable dark mode in the iOS Google Maps app by clicking your profile picture (top right in the app) and selecting “Settings” from the menu, then “Dark Mode” from Using Maps. Here are three options available. These; Based on On, Off and Device setting which automatically turns dark mode on or off depending on what you have enabled in general in iOS.

For Android users, a similar feature was made available earlier in the year, However, the way to enable it is slightly different from iOS. Here you need to tap on your profile picture, then “Settings”, then select “Theme” and choose from the same three options as iOS.

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Michael Lewis


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