We take a look at the most profitable projects in the altcoin market. Axie Infinity (AXS), which is not among the top 5 altcoins currently rising the most, was yesterday’s star cryptocurrency with 40%, recording a new high of $ 76.96. It is now trading 10% below its peak. It tested significant resistance in Bitcoin and Ethereum. BTC fell below the zone after spending nearly 3 hours above $46,000. It is currently trading at $45,200. Ethereum, on the other hand, maintains the $3,000 support. Weekly gains fell 16% and 2% daily for both leading cryptocurrencies. Now, we will quickly review the top-paying altcoin projects of the day. We can access the weekly earnings of altcoins from the list below. We continue with the daily earnings and details of the projects. Let’s start with IoTeX (IOTX), which makes 410% weekly.

  • IoTeX (IOTX) 412%. 91
  • Ravencoin (RVN) 105%. 64
  • Holo (HOT) 80%. 23
  • Internet Computer (ICP) 65%. 19
  • XinFin Network (XDC) 63%. 70

IoTeX (IOTX) becomes the highest-paid altcoin project of the week with 410%

An open source project, IoTeX aims to build a decentralized platform for machines whose purpose is to empower open. It offers an open ecosystem where humans and machines can interact under guaranteed trust, free will, and appropriately designed incentives. It has more than 40 researchers and scientists. It was released in April 2019. It helps scale EVM-based DApps. IOTX price increased its weekly gains to 410% today. Its daily earnings are close to 30% and are trading at $0.1117. Its ATH is 40% cheaper at $0.148. IoTeX (IOTX) started to gain momentum after being listed on Coinbase yesterday.

Altcoin Ravencoin (RVN) 105%. dropped to 64

Ravencoin is a P2P network that aims to implement a use-case-specific Blockchain designed to efficiently handle a specific function. It is built on a fork of the Bitcoin code. RVN’s current daily performance is at 10% loss, but keeping its weekly performance above 100%. Cryptocoin. com, it was one of the most lucrative altcoin projects of the past days. It is currently trading at $0.1477. It’s about 50% cheaper than its ATH of $0.2854. In the technical part, it is observed that RVN has recorded similar moves to the Bitcoin it is linked to. In addition, the January 2022 halving was seen as an opportunity among investors and increased the demand for RVN.

Holo (HOT) 80%. third place with 23

HOT is up 3% today. Its weekly performance is 80% and it is trading at $0.01168, 63% below its ATH of $0.03157. The purpose of HOT is to create an infrastructure for decentralized applications that do not require the use of Blockchain. Holochain is P2P and acts as a bridge between the wider internet and applications. With the recent rise in its price, it managed to reach $1,995,850,296 in market value.

Internet Computer (ICP)

ICP is one of the most surprising altcoin projects of the week. It’s down 4% daily and gains over 65% weekly. Currently trading at $65.88, ICP has an ATH of $737.20 and is 90% cheaper. The main purpose of the project is to bring the speed of Blockchain to the speed of the internet. It represents the third blockchain alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum. The demand for ICP has been increasing in recent weeks and the demand is on the technical side. The distance to his ATH is another reason why he’s attracted.

XinFin Network (XDC)

XDC is the 5th most profitable cryptocurrency. The altcoin project has grown by 25% in the last 24 hours, increasing its weekly earnings to 63%. Meanwhile, optimized for international trade and finance, XinFin is an enterprise-ready hybrid Blockchain technology company. Therefore, it has a large area in which it can be functional. It indicates that XDC is active in 50% fluctuations in its price during the day.

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