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The Bank of America has announced to buy these 43 crypto-linked stocks as their market value is poised to rise due to crypto-asset risks. Details Cryptocoin. com

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Cryptocurrency advice

The $2.6 trillion crypto industry has become “too big to ignore,” as Bitcoin soared to an all-time high on Wednesday, hitting over $66,000 on Wednesday, Bank of America’s crypto strategists Alkesh Shah and Andrew Moss wrote in a note Monday. found. “We believe crypto-based digital assets could create an entirely new class of assets,” they said, Analisdollarser. Besides Bitcoin, the emerging asset class includes altcoins that function as operating systems, decentralized applications that perform a series of financial services without intermediaries, stablecoins that are fixed to fiat currencies. It also includes central bank digital currencies that can replace national currencies and immutable tokens that provide connections.

Venture capital investments in digital assets and blockchain technology, which rose from $5.5 billion last year to $17 billion in the first half of this year, also fueled the growth of the industry. Analisdollarser: “This creates the next generation of companies for digital asset investments, offerings and new applications across industries including finance, supply chain, gaming and social media. “However, we believe we are still in the early stage.”

Where is the risk according to Bank of America?

The team sees regulatory uncertainty as the “biggest short-term risk.” Gary Gensler, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, said the agency has no plans to ban cryptocurrencies, while regulators are increasingly scrutinizing subsectors from stablecoins to crypto loan products. But regulators allowed a historic win in the crypto industry on Tuesday. The industry backed the launch of the first Bitcoin futures ETF under the name “BITO” by ProShares, which saw nearly $1 billion in shares change hands on its first trading day.

1. Matt Hougan, chief investment officer at $5 billion Bitwise Asset Management, interpreted the ETF’s strong trading as a reflection of investors’ desire to access Bitcoin through brokerage accounts. The list of stocks that are subject to the above-mentioned statements of Bank of America is listed below.

  1. FedEx: Invested in blockchain technology.
  2. J. B. Hunt: Joined Blockchain at the Transport Alliance to create supply chain efficiency and transparency, and to examine potential industry use cases.
  3. Tesla Motors: It holds 43 BTC in its balance sheet.
  4. HDFC Bank: 14 other Hindollarsi companies invested in blockchain technology.
  5. JPMorgan: The first global bank to pay with blockchain technology.
  6. Morgan Stanley: Provides access to Bitcoin funds.
  7. Signature Bank: Created real-time platforms based on blockchain.
  8. SVB Financial: Investing in digital asset storage and transfer.
  9. Archer Daniels Midland: Turned to blockchain for efficiency.
  10. Bunge Limited: Turns to blockchain for efficiency and speed.
  11. Digital Reality: They have moves on crypto mining.
  12. Equinix: There are crypto mining investments.
  13.  Draft Kings: Interested in NFT technologies.
  14. Procter and Gamble: Turns to blockchain for efficiency and transparency.
  15.  Facebook: Interested in blockchain technology and stablecoins.
  16. Twitter: Invests in Bitcoin and NFT technology.
  17. Infosys Technologies: Blockchain solutions for consulting and media.
  18. Hewlwtt-Packard: Data management and consulting-centric blockchain applications.
  19. IBM: Turning to blockchain for transparency and payments.
  20. Disney: Interest stands out as NFTs.
  21. Fox: Blockchain studies focus on NFTs.
  22. iHeartMedia: Interested in NFT within the framework of music.
  23. ViacomCBS: In an effort to build NFT platforms.
  24. WarnerMusic: NFTs are of interest.
  25. AveryDennison: Collaborating with VeChain.
  26. Accenture: Establishes a digital asset ecosystem.
  27. American Express: It turns to blockchain especially for international payments.
  28. Coinbase: Pursuing leadership in digital assets.
  29. Matercard: Interested in stablecoin and blockchain for payments.
  30. PayPal: Interested in blockchain for speed and transparency.
  31. Visa: Cooperation with Coinbase in terms of payment channels.
  32. Advanced Micro Devices: Crypto mining.
  33. Applied Materials: Mining equipment.
  34. NVIDIA: Mining and ETH interest.
  35. Taiwan S. M. : Crypto mining.
  36. Microsoft: Multiple Blockchain technologies.
  37. Oracle: Blockchain technologies for knowledge management solutions.
  38.  Workday: Blockchain for licensing and certification.
  39. BlackHills: He has an investment in blockchain technologies.
  40. Exelon: Blockchain based on cryptomining and energy.
  41. NRG Energy: Related to blockchain technologies for energy purposes.
  42. Public Service E. G. : Blockchain technology for energy and contradollarsar.
  43. Vistra: Crypto mining.

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