In a content we shared with you in the past days, the song “P!NÇ” created by singer and YouTuber Oğuzhan Uğur. refugee” themed promotional video is on the agenda of social media. we mentioned. Now, on this matter new development happened.

like an imam officials a group of citizens came together today in Çağlayan Courthouse. Citizens who complained about the promotional video that Oğuzhan Uğur prepared for his YouTube channel, inciting the people to hatred and enmity and humiliating“.

“Islamic values ​​were mocked”

A citizen named Hasret Yıldırım, who filed a criminal complaint, used the following statements regarding Uğur’s promotional video:

“The artist and social media phenomenon named Oğuzhan Uğur publicly over a trailer with racism and hate speech mocked the Islamic guise. We came to the New York courthouse to protest and condemn this act. We will file a complaint with the prosecutor’s office. In his statement, this person committed a greater offense on his apology by saying, “I have brought the Afghan people to the fore in this trailer.” The outfits used in this video represent Islam completely.. “

Oğuzhan Uğur also made statements on the subject.

Uğur, who made statements on the fact that the incident was on the agenda in the social media and brought to the judiciary, said, ” Our reaction to the unidentified Afghans who collapsed on my land waving their arms titled as ‘hostility’. Do not confuse the people by using i, do not make up a cover. Anyway, we will all suffer for this in the future.. We’ll say we knew, you’re wrong. . .” he said.

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