A Ferrari driver in Maltepe, Istanbul, when he was on the street, suddenly burdened with the gas and lost control of the vehicle. The black Ferrari first crashed the rear wheel into the median, then climbed into the median and stopped.

One of the things that makes today’s luxury sports cars worth several million Dollars so expensive is their engines, which have enough power to accelerate these cars to 100 kilometers in an instant. Therefore, although these types of cars add a flair to their driver, the driver also bears a great responsibility in controlling the car.

The reason for this responsibility, of course, arises from the pure power in cars. Today, an accident in the Maltepe district of Istanbul shed light on what the outcome could be if the pure power in cars was taken lightly. Fortunately, this accident fell into a category that can be described as a minor accident.

What happens if you suddenly hit the gas in Ferrari?

The Ferrari driver, who came out of a car wash, suddenly burst onto the gas as he returned to the street. The driver, who was burdened with the enthusiasm to shift the rear of the vehicle in a small scale, could not control the power offered by the car and found himself on the pavements in the middle of the road.

As the gas suddenly opened, the car first slid to the side where the steering wheel turned. Although the driver turned the steering wheel in the opposite direction to collect the car, this effort was blocked by the median in the middle of the road. The rear wheel of the vehicle hit the median and the vehicle came to the median with the acceleration of the steering wheel being broken to the left and stopped.

The moment of the accident was recorded moment by moment with the mobile phone camera of a citizen. This accident we saw showed how sports cars can turn into monsters with the slightest mistake.

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