When you want to download a game or program, you will see some features under the system requirements heading. This means the system features required for the game or program to run. So, does your computer meet these specifications? If you are not closely related to these works, to learn the features of your computer Using CPU-Z and similar application you should see system properties.

CPU-Z is a simple application that has been used for many years. However, recently, applications that are alternatives to this application and offer much more advanced features have been developed. By using them, you can not only learn the system features of your computer, but also detect and solve problems if there are any problems. Best alternative to CPU-Z we have listed some applications and briefly mentioned their prominent features.

CPU-Z alternative apps:

  • Armory Crate
  • Real Temp
  • Speccy
  • Belarc Advisor
  • Rainmeter
  • Sidebar Diagnostics
  • SpeedFan
  • SiSoftware Sandra
  • Core Temp

Gamers-only: Armory Crate

Armory Crate is an application developed for controlling Asus Republic Of Gamers games. Along with displaying the basic system properties of your computer You can also edit RGB lighting and effectdollar series. Although Armory Crate, running on the Windows operating system, is not a suitable application for everyone, it offers a very successful performance for Republic Of Gamers players.

For Intel processors: Real Temp

Real Temp is a temperature monitoring application specially developed for all Intel single core, dual core, quad core processors. Application running on Windows operating system, how much load is on your processor and shows how hot it is. Thanks to the settings that you can customize, you can stop your processor from working when it gets too hot, or you can ensure the security of your computer by giving different instructions.

Can detect problems: Speccy

Speccy application, a CCleaner service, allows you to learn the basic features of your computer with Windows operating system and see system problems. If you wish, you can learn about different parts of the computer through the application. you can get a report with much more detailed information. Thanks to its problem-solving feature, you can receive a warning before overheating and give instructions on what will happen in such a problem.

Special profiles for your software and hardware: Belarc Advisor

Belarc Advisor is an application where you can have detailed information about both the hardware and installed software on your computer. application on your computer. creates a custom profile for each hardware and software. You can instantly see how the software or hardware running through these profiles affect the performance of your computer, and you can intervene if necessary.

Customize your desktop: Rainmeter

Running on the Windows operating system, Rainmeter stands out with its widgets that you can customize your desktop with. It not only learns the system features of your computer, but also adds calendar, clock, weather, etc. to your desktop. you can also add widgets that offer different information. It is possible to customize each widget you have added according to your own taste.

Always in sight: Sidebar Diagnostics

Sidebar Diagnostics, which you can use in the Windows operating system, works as a simple toolbar. After running the application you have a toolbar that you can see in one corner of the screen at any time. On this screen, you can see the system properties of your computer and follow the instant changes easily. You choose which information you want to appear.

Make sure your fan is working adequately: SpeedFan

Download the SpeedFan application to your computer with Windows operating system, and you will be wondering how your computer fan is, why that strange sound is coming out, is it a little overheated? monitor all these values ​​instantly e. You can instantly monitor whether your computer receives the necessary voltage for its operation and whether the fan really offers enough performance to cool your computer.

A version specific to each processor: SiSoftware Sandra

SiSoftware Sandra is also an application that you can use to measure processor operating performance and temperature level. Its notable feature is for AMD Ryzen, ZEN 2 and other Intel processors. exclusively developed versions available. You can instantly monitor the performance of your processor by downloading the most suitable version for your system on the application’s website.

The most notable CPU-Z alternative: Core Temp

Core Temp, one of the most notable CPU-Z alternatives, displays the basic system features of your computer. allows you to monitor CPU performance and temperature instantly.Core Temp takes up very little space on your computer, has an extremely simple design, but still offers a very powerful performance.

Bonus: CPU-Z

Alternatives are nice, but if you say that I’m still not surprised by what I know You can continue to use CPU-Z with peace of mind. CPU-Z takes up very little space on your computer, has a simple design and is easy to use. You can see the basic system features of your computer instantly. You can use it on your devices with Android operating system along with your Windows computer.

You can view and control the system properties of your computer. We have listed CPU-Z alternative applications and briefly mentioned the prominent features of these applications. If you are using CPU-Z or one of its alternatives, you can share your experience in the comments.

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