The COVID-19 pandemic, which was brought under some control thanks to the vaccination efforts carried out all over the world, brought the concerns back to the old level thanks to the Delta variant. A statement was made about how we will overcome this variant, which vaccine is more effective, and that a much stronger variant may emerge in the near future.

In the UK, the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) has published a study on the size of the dollar, where the change in COVID-19 over time can come. In the study, it was concluded that there is a possibility that the currently existing variants of the virus may combine to form a very strong variant. If such a variant occurs, exposure to the virus It has been reported that 1 out of every 3 people may die.

It can be as strong as MERS, it can also just cause colds:

The new research of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, entitled ‘Long-term change of SARS-CoV-2’, evaluated possible scenarios for the future of the coronavirus. In the study, relative values ​​such as Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma the more contagious and deadly variants of yellows may combine to form a ‘super variant’ was also possible. This possibility was evaluated as the scariest scenario regarding the virus. It was noted that the most optimistic scenario is that the virus becomes as ineffective and commonplace as the viruses that cause the common cold.

In the case of the worst-case scenario, COVID-19 that it can become as deadly as the MERS virus with a death rate of 35% was expressed. If COVID-19 changes as described in this scenario, current vaccines may not have much of an effect in fighting the virus.

Even if the most optimistic scenario materializes, COVID-19, will cause ailments similar to the common cold like other human corona viruses. This version of the virus will only cause slightly more severe symptoms in the elderly and clinically vulnerable people. According to experts, both the best-case scenario and the worst-case scenario are quite possible.

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