The new XC5 RGB PRO and XC7 RGB PRO added to the Hydro X Series are equipped with more than 110 micro cooling fins and a new quadrupole flow system design. Around the block is ARGB lighting, which we are familiar with in ready-made liquid cooling systems.

The new blocks can run 4°C cooler than the previous generation blocks, thanks to their precision-machined copper cooling plate and multiple channels. Focusing on users who want high-level stability in high-end systems, the new coolers offer a 3-year warranty period.

CORSAIR stated that the new series will be compatible with all upcoming Intel and AMD processors. There are also 16 ARGB LEDs around the pump, which can be controlled individually via the usual CORSAIR iCUE.

Finally, it should be noted that CORSAIR does not share price information about new liquid cooling blocks.

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Michael Lewis


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