CORSAIR introduced DDR5 memory that enables higher frequencies, larger capacities and higher bandwidth. The new memory comes in line with the new LGA1700 motherboards for Intel’s 12th Gen processors.

DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB DDR5 model is similar to CORSAIR’s DOMINATOR RGB illuminated models we are used to. The VENGEANCE series, on the other hand, increases compatibility with its more compact structure. Thus, the type of RAM suitable for each system style can be selected.

As the performance and capabilities of processors continue to increase, your system needs fast memory to make the most of its potential. DDR5 enables today’s high-end CPUs to capture data as quickly as possible and take system performance to the next level. While previous generation DRAM was limited to less precise motherboard-based control for voltage regulation, DDR5 modules are equipped with onboard voltage regulation. CORSAIR memory modules can also be controlled with iCUE.


DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB DDR5 models have CAPELLIX LED technology, which we are familiar with from cooling solutions. Each RAM module contains 12 ARGB LEDs. Since these LEDs are addressable, they can be adjusted as desired. It is also possible to make it compatible with other CORSAIR products in your system.

VENGEANCE DDR5 models do not have a lighting. However, these models, as mentioned above, meet the need for compact RAM with their minimalist design.

Finally, it should be noted that there are no prices for memory modules yet.

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