G. Many manufacturers such as Skill, TeamGroup, Adata XPG and Kingston have unveiled their DDR5 memory for the upcoming Intel Alder Lake platform. About a week before the release of the new 12th generation processors, the DDR5 memory kidollar series, prepared by various manufacturers, including Corsair and Gigabyte Aorus, came to light.

We’ve seen Corsair’s Vengeance series DDR5 kidollars before. The company has apparently prepared and will soon be releasing the fantastic looking black Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 series modules. Discovered images show that the new RAMs clock up to 5200 MHz and have CL 38-38-38-84 timings at 1.25V. But we can expect kidollarser to reach higher speeds from Corsair.

Gigabyte, on the other hand, looks ready for the new platform with its first Aorus-branded DDR5 memory kidollar series. DDR5 RAMs will start with 32GB capacity and 2×16GB kidollarser will be on sale. According to the images, the 32 GB kidollarser can offer 5200 MHz and has XMP 3.0.

Intel’s Alder Lake desktop CPUs will have both DDR5 and DDR4 memory controllers. 600 series anakardollarsar will come with DDR5 and DDR4 specific options. The DDR5 standard will generally be preferred on high-end motherboards, and more common products will continue to offer DDR4 support. Intel 12th generation processors, Z690 anakardollarsar and DDR5 kidollarser are expected to be released in November.

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